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The 5 types of bag you can use a lifetime and you must have


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Any guy would agree, a woman’s purse found in the OJR Bands’s store is one of the great mysteries of the female. How many things we fit in there? Able to keep the deepest secrets and become one of the best weapons of style, a good Burberry bag can completely change our look and attitude.
Although the passage of the season’s new model’s, are being imposed, there are 5 basic that can not miss in the closet of any Glamourette. Notes and if you are missing, put it on your wishlist, because we guarantee that you will become your best friends for a lifetime. Find out more about the new Burberry Handbags for this year.

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There is no doubt that this is the bag of choice for the workwear . Sophisticated, elegant, but with an edgy twist perfect for any fashionista, this accessory is a must daily. The advantage lies not only in its design, also in its practicality, as well as being spacious features handles and carry strap as best fits your needs .
Use it with: A two – piece suit for work or your favorite little black dress for commitments after work.



Also known as ‘the crossbody’, this small complement has proven to be an ally of urban style and relaxed weekends. Comprise no fool, it turns out to be spacious enough to hold the essentials without hinder you . Take those that combine two tones, whether in a luxurious mix like this in black and wine or in bright colors to match the rest of your closet.
The casual and urban look of the models
Use it with: A broad and A skirt, a maxi sweater and booties Chelsea.


This style of clutch reborn in the last few seasons, but is on his last performances that have smitten the hearts of the most glamorous. If it is an evening event or gala, this bag is indicated. Try to take it with prints and original prints and chain, and look more into your look.
The clutch that will steal you more of a sigh
Use it with: A cocktail dress or ball gown court for a formal event dress code.


Sometimes we look for a bag that will not be formal but neither can go unnoticed among friends. If you’re in that situation, this is it. You can put him from your iPad to your cosmetic bag without having to worry about carrying, for his belt makes it ideal for pasilla and presume it in those afternoons of coffee.
What you should buy this fall – and forget-
Use it with: A pair of jeans, a t-shirt, and a blazer relaxed.

The Pink Burberry bag

Who said maxi bags could not squander style? This is the sign that is clearly, as well as being practical design screams chic edgy ‘everywhere. Betting on a tote skin to give it a boost of style to your outfit without compromising space. For travel are the best!
Use it with: A palazzo pants and a silk shirt. So comfy & chic!
The perfect bag tote exists and is called. Czech how they use the celebs!

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